USA luxury Louis vuitton purses sales growth in the world's top
The luxury Louis vuitton purses goods market is expected to rewrite existing pattern. According to the latest statistics and forecast released yesterday showed American, luxury sales growth in the world's top
USA market reversal trend has spread to many well-known luxury brand. The statistics show that the global rankings, respectively for the first and third luxury group Louis Vuitton and cloud group in America market sales growth were higher than Chinese. The expected future 2913 global luxury brands in American market share will rise 5%-7%, in China mainland will rise by 6%-8%, while Europe is only 0-2%.
At the same time, many luxury Louis vuitton purses brands including Italy, France and the United Kingdom Prada Hermes Burberry etc, have said in the American open new or expanding existing store size, and increase in the advertising. In the case of LVMH, the sales share of 15% from the USA, Chinese mainland and Hong Kong and Macao luxury sales sum is 20%.
The luxury Louis vuitton discount bags goods industry senior analyst said, USA Louis vuitton discount bags economic recovery of rich consumer confidence rose, boosted sales of luxury goods. In addition, American reduced government visa restrictions also attracted a large number of foreign tourists, stimulating domestic consumption of luxury Louis vuitton purses goods. Not long ago, Coach said, American 20% stores sales from Chinese.
The reporter understands, China mainland luxury Louis vuitton purses prices on average than the American market up to 51%, 45% higher than the Chinese Hongkong, 72% higher than in france. "From the price point of view, America luxury market is more competitive." The analysts said. Since the international financial crisis, USA luxury consumption has continued to decline, until 2012 only to return to pre crisis levels. However, in 2013 Louis Vuitton and Paris spring sales growth for many years in the America's for the first time in more than Chinese.